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Everyone loves preordering games and getting exclusive content and playing the very moment the game comes out, I mean who doesn’t? But is it worth being a Day One player? Something I have noticed (the past two years especially) that lately games that are coming out change over and over via updates. Now, I don’t mind bug fixes, added content, etc.

The Division and Destiny are two that I have played ALOT and specifically remember getting pretty upset about.

Destiny repeatedly kept changing upgrade materials, not once, not twice, but several times. I know sometimes in MMOs (especially), things have to be changed and balanced, but come on! As soon as players got used to one method it immediately changed again. Also, the refer a friend thing that came out a year after the game was released, that’s a cool idea but everyone I knew, including myself, either had Destiny  or they just weren’t interested. We had already gotten everyone we knew to play Destiny. It especially irritated me when the weapon and armor upgrades were taken away. When the game first came out you could increase damage and armor by upgrading, but that was changed multiple times.

Destiny April Update Featured Pic

My next issue is pricing. I bought Destiny new at $60 and bought the season pass for $35. The season pass included two small expansions that were easily completed in one night, keep in mind that we finished the story very fast and then took breaks between expansions. Barely a year later The Taken King came out for $40 alone, which of course I did dish out. The problem is the Taken King Legendary edition game out for $60, which included everything that I had already spent $135 on. Was it worth being a Day one Destiny player? Absolutely not, exotics lost value and way more money was spent than what was necessary. If I had only waited a year I could have gotten everything and saved over half of the cost, on top of that most bugs would have been fixed and the balancing and upgrading systems would not have been changed so much.

Of course there’s also The Division, which has been out for only a few months now. The Division’s story was also short and could be completed in a couple of nights, and the game in general was/is very buggy (for me anyways). It’s cool that game devs constantly want to change and upgrade/balance aspects, but don’t let people get used to a certain way of doing things for weeks and then just change it. Crafting was a big part of this game at first and it was relatively easy if you just grind. Unfortunately they tripled the amount of materials that you needed to make things, which kind of sucked. Yes, I know, it’s a way of balancing things. Not as many complaints about The Division yet, but it has turned into the “long breaks between updates” kind of game. A year from now this game will probably be amazing, but right now there’s just little to do between updates.

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For both of these games it is almost worth it just to wait a year or six months so you can play everything at one-time, instead of taking breaks constantly. And I am aware that the point to most of these games is to grind, but I can only handle so much grinding for five or more hours a night.

I am probably being dramatic, but this is my opinion and I feel pretty strongly about it. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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