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Gaming Heads announced yesterday that a scale replica of the warrior Iron Bull from Dragon Age Inquisition is being released. The press release states that:

“The Iron Bull statue is crafted in polystone resin and is painted by artisans to capture him in all of his awesome glory.”

The statue has both regular and limited editions. Let’s start with the one you guys want to hear about; the Limited Edition. The Limited Edition features a 1/4 scale figure of Iron Bull, and comes with two interchangeable portraits. One without headgear, and one with his Dread helmet (shown in our gallery at the end of this article). The regular edition of the statue is exactly the same, but does not feature the headgear.

“The Iron Bull is a massive engine of destruction. He stands tall and fearless in the face of monstrous creatures. With a firm stance, a study grip and his trusty greataxe, he makes sure that he is standing tall at the end of the fight. The Iron Bull is a force to be reckoned with!”

The statues aren’t expected to be in stock until the beginning of 2017. The regular statue will cost $469.99 and is limited to 1000 pieces. The exclusive edition will cost $499.99, and is limited to 500 pieces. Pre-orders are currently open, and can be done via the Gaming Heads site.

I was personally an Iron Bull fan, but I cannot warrant spending this much on a statue. As much as my heart may beg me to. (Sera was a close second). Who was your favourite Dragon Age Inquisition character? Let us know in the comments below! A gallery of images of the Iron Bull statue is available below.

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