Hyper Scape, a new and aggressive take on the Battle Royale genre rears its head. Will it be good enough to stick around?
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Ubisoft has recently revealed a project that has been in development for two years; their very own Battle Royale, Hyper Scape. Focusing on more aggressive gameplay and adding new elements to the genre, this looks like a game that can stand out from the crowd. By scrapping elements such as loot grinding and standard ally respawning, the gameplay focuses more on the gunplay, reminiscent of old school arena shooters like Unreal Tournament.

So what are the differences? First of all, the way that loot works is completely different from most other Battle Royale games. In Hyper Scape, you upgrade your guns by finding duplicates and picking them up, rather than loot grinding to find an over-powered gun or good attachments. On top of that, all characters start the same, there are no unique powers or abilities based on what character you play as. So no need to stress if someone picks your main. Then, there are ‘hacks’; special abilities that you pick up throughout the game that can be very useful. Ranging from going invisible, to turning into a giant bouncy ball!

Hyper Scape

When you, or a teammate sadly perishes, your (or their) game is not over. When you die, you become invisible, unable to interact with anything, but still able to see your team mates and more importantly, your enemies. This provides a very unique opportunity in which you become a scout for your team, revealing where enemies are and allowing your team to close in for a kill. When enemies die, they provide a respawn point for you, which is nice of them!

All these elements push the game to be more focused toward fighting your enemy rather that constantly grinding, or hoping you can find a respawn point for your allies. You will have to face the enemy! So what are your thoughts on Hyper Scape? Tweet us @Games_Bulletin and let us know!

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