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Starting from today until Monday, April 11th at 10am PST every character in Hero’s Of The Storm will be available to play for free. With this you can even sample the newest editions to Hero’s Of The Storm, Dehaka and Xul. You will also receive 50 percent extra experience from all games played until April 18.

This event is meant to celebrate the weekends finalists for the Hero’s Of The Storm tournament. Players representing various colleges compete to win tuition money. With a winner set to be to be crowned on Sunday, April 10.


It is unusual for Hero’s Of The Storm to do this free character weekend. The game usually gives players 10 free characters that rotate each week, along with any characters that you have purchased with real world money or in game gold. Even so this free character weekend is a good way for everyone to try out the newly released characters.

Blizzard announced at BlizzCon 2015 that Overwatch’s teleporting dual wielder, Tracer will be heading to Hero’s Of The Storm. Tracer will be available on April 19. There hasn’t been any other Overwatch characters that have been confirmed at the moment. In an interview with Venturebeat, senior artist Phil Gonzales said,

“We’re planning on bringing Overwatch hero’s into the fold, but we are going to let Overwatch have its party, and then we’ll be like, hey there over here too. We have a soft limit of six months before we’ll do anything like that, but we absolutely will be visiting Overwatch and bring Overwatch to the Nexus.” 

All the characters are available from now until Monday, April 11 at 10am PST, so hurry to get your chance to try out the various characters in Hero’s Of The Storm.

Are you guys excited for all the free characters that are going to be available for the weekend? Are you ready to see more Overwatch characters come to Hero’s Of The Storm? Let us know in the comments below.

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