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For Honor
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The other day details of For Honor’s Season Pass were released via a press release. Well I say details, not everything was completely explained. Let’s start with the details of the pass.

  • Six all-new Heroes available seven days before released to all players
  • Six elite outfits to customise the new Heroes
  • Day One War Pack
    • One exclusive sunbeam effect on emotes for all Heroes
    • Three exclusive emblem outlines
    • Three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear
    • 30-day Champion Status that gives XP boosts to friends, more XP from crafting and additional end-match loot

It was also revealed that those gamers with a Season Pass will receive access to the heroes a week early. The Season Pass can be bought separately for those unsure. Or for those of you who are 100% certain, there’s the Gold Edition of For Honor which includes the pass.¬†For those of you who won’t be buying the Season Pass, there is some free content coming your way. New maps, modes and gear will become available post launch, free to everyone.

All the Season Pass content, except for the six heroes and their outfits, will be available when the game launches 14th February. The new heroes will be “progressively released” in batches of two at the beginning of a new season of the game’s Faction War. After this, Heroes can then be bought with Steel; the game’s currency. Obviously those with a Season Pass will get the Heroes free.

There was also a bit of news about the game’s open beta.

“Players looking to hone their skills before launch can join the For Honor open beta from February 9th to February 12th, 2017. This beta will include the new Elimination mode, a best of five rounds four-versus-four match with no respawns. Elimination joins three additional modes playable in the open beta including Dominion, Brawl and Duel, and nine playable Heroes. At launch, For Honor will feature twelve playable Heroes and five different multiplayer modes.”

I was lucky enough to get into the For Honor beta and I really enjoyed it. The gameplay is fun, but the 4v4 mode always lead to me being outnumbered severely. However in 2v2 this didn’t happen. I highly suggest you play the open beta, you won’t play another sword fighting game like this for a while.

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