You Can Play Homefront The Revolution For Free This Weekend On PC

homefront the revolution
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It has been revealed that Homefront The Revolution will be playable this weekend on Steam. Thanks to Steam’s “Free Weekend” promotion, Deep Silver will be able to showcase the recent improvements made during the last update.

The entire game will be available to play to play this weekend including; the game’s 30 hour campaign, Resistance Mode (the game’s online co-op mode) as well as bonus missions that have been released since Homefront The Revolution hit shelves.

I was undecided on Homefront. But I think thanks to this free weekend I may give it a try. The free weekend began last night 5pm GMT (10AM PST/ 7PM CEST) and will end 8PM GMT (1PM PST/ 10PM CEST). If you want to see some gameplay a trailer from Gamescom 2015 is available below. But do note that this trailer won’t show the updated performance.

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