<p>The game is due for a beta, and here is it's trailer</p>
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With the HITMAN beta due to start soon, we now have a trailer showing gamers what we can expect from the beta. 

Named ‘The Prologue’ the beta takes place 20 years before the main game’s first mission in Paris and is set during a crucial period during Agent 47’s career: his introduction to the ICA and his first meeting with future handler Diana Burnwood. 

The beta features two free-form hits that act as training for players, allowing them to adjust to the game’s mechanics. The only way to gain access to the beta is by preordering either the Intro Pack, Full Experience or the Collector’s Edition on Playstation Store (for PS4) or Steam (for PC). The disc version of the game will not release until late 2016. 

The beta trailer is available below.

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