Hitman episode 2 out now

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From today, 26th April, you can purchase episode 2 on PS4,  Xbox One and Steam.

For those who bought this year’s Hitman and completed episode 1 set in France now can pay £7.99 for episode 2 set in ‘Sapienza’ in Italy.

Episode 2 wasn’t the best level to show of what Agent 47 can do as you are never truly alone to set up your master plan, whereas ‘Sapienza’ looks more open.

Personally, I forgot I bought Hitman episode 1 as I played it for a week then put it down. However , I am excited to play the new episode for 8 quid as I did enjoy the first level. I just hope that it doesn’t just feel the exact same just with a new map.

Did you pick up episode 1 and are you waiting for this or waiting for the whole game to come out?

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