Warner Bros. and IO Interactive have announced a 1 vs 1 compeitive online mode in which players can prove they are the best assassin
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Yesterday saw Warner Bros. and IO Interactive announce a new online mode for Hitman 2. Titled Ghost Mode, the mode will allow players to challenge other players in a 1 vs 1 match that will test their assassination skills.

The mode sees both players playing at Agent 47, but in separate realities. Both players start in the same position, with each one being able to see a ghost of the other player. Players then must assassinate the first target, using weapons and outfits and “ghost supply crates” they find along the way. Once a target is assassinated, the next target is revealed. Be the first to eliminate five targets and you win.

As mentioned before each player can see a ghost of the other player, which is where the mode gets really interesting. You can use the ghost of your opponent to track your progress in comparison to theirs. Because each player is playing in their own reality if your opponent goes in all guns blazing blowing stuff up left, right and centre it won’t affect you. Each of you are free to do your own thing, without worrying about your opponent sabotaging you allowing you to show of you Hitman skills.

This mode sounds really interesting to me, and is a good idea for those who want to show they are the best Hitman. What do you think of Ghost Mode? Will it work, or will it be a mode that is never played? We’ll find out when Hitman 2 releases on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 13th. Until then let us know in the comments below what you think, or you can tweet us @games_bulletin!

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