Hill Climb Racing 2 Review

Hill Climb Racing 2
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When I got my hands on Hill Climb Racing 2, I didn’t know what to expect really. Will Hill Climb Racing 2 be a mobile game which would be a quick boredom solution or would it be so awful that gamers would lose interest in the game in 10 seconds? Having played the game numerous times for a few days, I can say that I have various views some which are good and some that are not so good.

As with similar racing format games Hill Climb Racing 2 has, its pro’s and con’s which we will both look at.


Hill Climb 2 takes the gamer through a world of farmer-esk racers as you use a variety of different vehicles at your disposal to beat your opponent. There isn’t any story to go with it as the gamer will quickly realise that they simply have to do the best with what they have to beat other players around the world.

As the player advances through each race they accumulate in gaming funds, to improve their vehicle to better their chance of becoming the champion racer. Hill Climb Racing 2 offers a similar story format as to its competitors, however, in a more enjoyable format.


The waiting time for the game to start isn’t long at all. In less than a minute you can have the game loaded and into your first race. This was paramount as I would spend a maximum of 10-20 minutes playing a mobile game before I had to go do something more important, like make a call, text a family member or simple day to day tasks. Hill Climb Racing 2 is great for those who lead a busy lifestyle where they’re looking to have a quick few minutes of fun!

The controls are pretty simple to use, which they should be for a pretty simple game. The player has two choices, either tap the left peddle on the screen which is the breaks or acceleration on the right. If the gamer doesn’t balance these two functions they’ll find themselves having their cars flip which would result in them losing a race.

The controls can be tedious, to say the least. You’d either accelerate to hard and your vehicle shooting off like a rocket which would result in your car flipping back or braking harsh and your vehicle flipping forward. As you continue to play, you will grow accustom to the game mechanics where you’d find the perfect balance.


As you progress in Hill Climb Racing 2 you will collect in game currency as mentioned above. You can use the game currency to modify your vehicle of choice which will aid you in each race. For instance, the gamer will be able to improve their engine power, suspension, tires and etc.  Alongside, with this, gamers are able to customize the colour of their vehicle and what their character looks like.

The little touches in the game with customisation provide a unique gameplay with each user. I found that in my play through I was able to personalise how my gameplay was, coming up with quirky character designs which made no sense, to customising my vehicle of choices colour and tyre design.


With mobile gaming becoming a growing market, you will come across games that are visually stunning for what phones can handle. Hill Climb Racing 2 does the same with visually stunning graphics. Each race takes you through similar visual settings which are pleasing to the eye when playing the game. Now graphics do not define a game but it does add that little bit of gaming experience.

The design layout of Hill Climb Racing 2 comes across as a mixture of cartoonish with a sprinkle of realism. It’s a great design which fits the tone of the game, which is chaotic fun where there’s a mad dash to the finish line.


Hill Climb Racing 2 offers a lot in a small package, visually stunning for the angle that they’re taking with great gameplay. It is a simple game, however, when you want a simple but fun game to play with a few minutes to spare then I will definitely take a look at this game. Hill Climb Racing 2 also offers a variety of great maps which are ever changing with gamers across the globe who are challenging when playing against.

On the other hand gameplay mechanics can be a little frustrating to say the least, especially when you are trying to go up a hill and your vehicle all of a sudden flips when other players with performance lacking vehicles have no struggle.

If you haven’t, check out the game for yourself on the android market!

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  • 80%
    Overall - 80%


Hill Climb Racing 2 is a fun game that has a lot of replay value, however the repetitive gameplay and lack of maps do impact the gameplay somewhat.

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