Hideo Kojima Announces New Game

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Hideo Kojima and Sony have teased a new collaboration called Death Stranding starring Norman Reedus of ‘The Walking Dead’ fame. Kojima, most famous for the Metal Gear series of games, took to the stage for Sony’s E3 press conference telling audience members, “I’m back”.

Kojima parted ways with Konami after years of working together under somewhat strange circumstance last year and went on to set up his own studio. Konami and Kojima were due to release a sequel to the Silent Hill series and released a very well received demo starring Reedus but the project was cancelled, much to fans dismay. The collaboration between Reedus and Kojima is sure to excite fans who were looking forward to Silent Hills.

As you can see, the trailer above gives little away for Death Stranding, other than showing off a graphically impressive rendering of Norman Reedus. The trailer starts with a naked Reedus crying and clutching a baby that disappears, replaced with a tar-like substance. Invisible hand prints then appear on Reedus’s leg and in the sand leading away. We then see a lot of dead sea creatures and 5 figures floating in the distance. There are no clues to the style of game or what we can expect in terms of gameplay so we will just have to wait and see.

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