Blizzard, the video game giant behind Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, have publicly shamed a player after he lied about the reason why he was slienced.
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A toxic Heores of the Storm player was rather embarrassed by Blizzard’s support team. In Heroes of the Storm, like many MOBAs, gives players the ability to report other players for what they say. These reported players can be silenced, stopping them from using the in-game chat for a period of time.

One silenced player took to the Blizzard support forums writing:

“WOW I am soooo disappointed. Anytime anyone on the team has a problem and gets toxic I report them, and type reported. But I guess when you do that they will report you for reporting them. I did not break any rules, but I am silenced,. Thanks Blizzard. do you even LOOK at the reports, or is the terms of service only for show?”


This player was however shown to be lying. A Blizzard Support Forum Agent replied:

“For confirmation, you were not silenced for reporting others. You were silenced for using chat like this:

2016-06-07 19:25:03LILI WHAT THE (double expletives) ARE YOU DOING (expletive noun)
2016-06-11 10:46:50 kill tracer noobs (religious figure) (obscene word)
2016-06-14 00:35:25 AWSOME the (offensive words) THAT CANT REPLY TO MY INSULTS TOOK MY PICK
2016-06-14 lol I will (politier word would’ve been ‘mess with’) with him the whole game now”

I personally welcome this kind of stuff. It shows that developers are monitoring their games and are actually doing everything in their power rather than just sitting back and letting players do what they want? What do you think of this public shaming and do you feel it’s a just response? Let us know in the comments section below!

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