Ghost Of Meridian is the next free content for Halo 5: Gaurdians. Ghosts Of Meridian will come with come with new maps, weapons, and customization.
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Ghost Of Meridian is the latest of free content being released for Halo 5: Guardians. Ghost Of Meridian will release next week and will include: two new maps, new weapons and vehicles, and new visual customization.

343 Industries will be showing off this new content on Tuesday April 5, from 3pm to 5pm PST at

Some things that will be included in Ghosts Of Meridian will be:

  • New Warzone map, Skirmish at Darkstar: Though Liang-Dortmund’s local headquarters at Meridian Station was devastated, the remote polar outpost of Darkstar Station survived.
  • New Arena Map- Tyrant: The faculty known as Site C by human explorers is one of a handful of intact forerunner structures remaining in the Zeta Hydronis Secundus system. The small scale symmetrical map is built for Capture the Flag and Assault game modes.
  • New REQs items: Brand new REQs are arriving with Ghosts Of Meridian, including Tartarus’ Gavel, a legendary gravity hammer that unleashes  a kinetic explosion with each swing.

The content, like the normal content for Halo 5: Guardians will automatically download and install once it is available. 343 Industries continues to roll out free content for Halo 5: Guardians which include a multitude of new and exciting content.

Are you guys excited for the new free content Ghost Of Meridian?!
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