Halo Wars 2 DLC Delayed

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The incoming DLC for Halo Wars 2, Colony, was due to be released this week. It wasn’t. Did Microsoft leave it on the train after visiting their Mum in Kemsley? Did bigger boys pick them up by their ankles and shake them until it fell out onto the playground then preceded to kick it around until the biggest, fattest kid toe-punted it over the hedges into someone’s garden? Did a toddler pick it up and drop it down the gap between two floorboards? All of these are possibilities. What really happened isn’t quite that exciting.

In their latest blog update, Microsoft announced that a “game-breaking bug” was the cause for the delay. Developer 323 Industies made the following statement.

“As much as we hate to let down players and fall through on a promise, holding the DLC to make sure these issues get addressed is the right, albeit painful, call to make,”

This sounds fishy….

“Initially the real show-stopper had to do with the new Skitterer units, which are basically little symbiotes that can be attached to any friendly unit that acts as a mini self-targeting turret and healer. During a final test pass, the team found something disturbing–it turned out that once an attached Skitterer started firing on a target, it could continue doing with so with zero regard to range or line of sight,”

Sounds to me like someone got shook by the ankles…

“Imagine equipping a few fast moving Banshees with Skitterers, flying up to your opponent’s base and taking a few quick shots, and then retreating across the map as your friendly Skitterers continue to fire away at their target from miles away. Some may call that awesome but alas it’s also a cheap exploit that would immediately result in some really bad game experiences and whole lot of salt from players on the receiving end.”

They definitely went home covered in bush scratches trying to retrieve it.

The good news is that the DLC is now back on track and set to be released next week. In addition to the new leader, Colony adds two more achievements to unlock. These are:

  • Hunter/Hunted – User Hunter Captain’s Taunt ability 50 times
  • Turrets Everywhere – Attach 50 Skitterers to squads

Are you looking forward to more Halo Wars 2? Have you ever been picked up by the ankles? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter just stay out of the DMs you deviants.

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