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I’ve had a look at the online reaction and I’m not sure what game everyone else is playing. The Halo Wars 2 Beta has fallen far short of my expectations. Everything I’ve seen so far has led me to believe that Halo Wars 2 will be more of the same, but not in a good way.

Based on the leader choices and everything we’ve seen so far, looks like there’ll be no playable flood, which has been a personal hope of mine since the last game. Having a bit of variety in the game in terms of teams to choose from and battle against would’ve been nice. To have a go with one of the most iconic video game enemies would have been a blessing for this game, alas, it seems like that would be new and different and thus not welcome here. It’s looking like we may have another case of a current gen Microsoft exclusive just ticking its favourite boxes.

The game doesn’t look like Halo, team colours available are pretty plain and the buildings, especially for the Covenant feel like a huge step down in just general aesthetics quality and in terms of looking unique and Halo. One of Halo War’s biggest assets is the fact that it’s a Halo RTS spin off, but this feels like just another RTS to me.

And the command limit is really limiting, every time I hit the pop cap, it shocks me. That’s it! That’s all I can build!? Halo Wars 1 had a lower number for pop cap, but units took up far less actual population points. I never had this complaint with the last game. How can the game made on the more advanced hardware curb players enjoyment more than the game on old hardware?! It’s like the Halo 4 weapon de-spawning and Halo 5 dropping split screen all over again!

I’d like to just say that I was fully expecting to be covering this in a very positive light. I really had my hopes up for this game. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long and am personally shocked at the sorry state it seems to have found itself in. It’s just so vacant of emotion and flavour, it’s just not what I had in mind.

Of course, the actual game may fix a lot of these issues.  This is after all a very early beta and thus subject to a great deal of change. And it’s true that the only game mode they’ve made available is one which heavily punishes longer games in favour of brief matches. Brief matches which are often easily decided in two or three clashes, so I’ve not had the chance to see much of the game. I do still want to be won back over to being optimistic about Halo again. And that may still happen. I’m still excited for the game’s release, if only to see more of the conclusion of the story of Spirit of Fire.

And on a side note, those who are wondering about how Captain Cutter went from looking like this, to THIS, my theory is that this is James Cutter Junior, son of Captain Cutter from the first game. After all, The Spirit of Fire has been lost in space for a few decades at this point. It would make sense. Clearly himself and at least one female opted out of being frozen to raise this child. That or they’re doing another Captain Keyes and making him look way different in different games.

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