Halo Fan Game ‘Installation 01’ Given Blessing By 343 Industries

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Installation 01, a fan-made multiplayer shooter based on the Halo franchise has been given the blessing of 343 industries, the developers who now oversee the franchise.

For those unaware of the project, Installation 01 is fan-made, multiplayer only Halo game being made by Halo fans working from around the world. The game is a combination of Bungie-era Halo titles focusing on Halo 2/3 with a little of other titles added for good measure.

Neither Microsoft or 343 Industries are funding or partnering with the project but 343 have been in contact via Skype to give their blessing. Project Manager Church couldn’t release full details of the call but released the following:

“Installation 01 has been maintaining a level of contact with 343 Industries over the past several months. We initially reached out to a company representative and spoke with him about getting into contact with Microsoft/343’s legal department to answer a few inquiries we had about the legality of our project. This representative has acted as a kind of liaison between our team and 343 since then, and we have maintained a level of transparency with 343 Industries (through our contact) regarding Installation 01’s plans, the scope of the project, our goals, and how we as a team aim to meet and support those goals long-term.”

Installation 01

In a later call with someone higher up in 343 Industries, the Installation 01 team were assured that they are under no imminent legal threat providing they remain non-commercial in nature and scope and follow Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules.

The game will be free-to-play on release and is heading all PC platforms, including: Windows, macOS, and Linux. More information about the project, including videos and concept are can be found on the official website.

It’s good to know that fan-made projects can survive and not automatically get squashed by the companies that own them and it’s refreshing to see someone like 365 Industries actually communicating with the little guys.

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