Ghost Recon: Wildlands Getting new PvP Mode Soon

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Ubisoft have announced Ghost War, the upcoming free PvP mode of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

The new feature will be introduced first through an open beta set to begin later this summer.

The open beta for Ghost War will be available on all platforms later in the summer, and the full mode will release as a free update to all Ghost Recon Wildlands owners in the fall.

Ghost War is 4 v 4 team deathmatch where players will fight in locations based on the main game.

The PvP mode builds on the main game’s tactical squad play introducing new game mechanics like a fire suppression system, sound makers and a roster of specific classes that will determine each player’s role in the team and battlefield.

Ubisoft didn’t give a specific date for the open beta, but new details will be slowly released in the upcoming weeks through the game’s official website.

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