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Get Titanfall 2 DLC From Snacks

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Fans of Titanfall 2 will be able to gain in game content by eating and drinking thanks to a partnership between EA, Buffalo Wild Wings and the makers of Mountain Dew/Doritos.

No, it isn’t a wonderful dream!

Every time you visit Buffalo Wild Wings between the games release date on October 28th and November 30th, you get a code that will give in-game content. This will come in the form of a “Nose Art” insignia that can be used to customize the look of your Titan. Another code will also be given away which will give instant access to an “all-new multiplayer mode” which apparently offers “huge rewards” although it is not yet known what these will be.

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Image showing “Nose Art” courtesy of businesswire.com

For those of us not on American soil, there may be hope. A representative of Mountain Dew has stated that between October 2nd and December 31st, those who buy specially marked Titanfall 2 Mountain Dew and Doritos products can also claim some rewards, although it hasn’t been announced which countries are eligible. The codes will unlock a double XP bonus as well as a Titan customization skin and early access to a new game mode, although further details are not available as yet.

We here at Games bulletin would never promote unhealthy eating, but everyone is entitled to a treat from time to time! What do you think about this team up? Do you like the idea of gaining extra perks or do you think it gives an unfair advantage? Let us know in the comments below.

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