Those of you looking for something to do over this Valentine's period, Gears of War 4 has you covered.
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Valentine’s is getting ever closer, and those of you eager to fill the time between now and then will be happy to know you can spend that time playing the new Gear of War 4 event. From now until 20th February a new mode is available; Cupid Torque Bow Tag. This new mode gives the player a themed Torque Bow, in pink of course, that creates a heart when it connects with your foe. Once the arrow explodes, there is a spectacular explosion and a lovely little sound effect.

The Coalition is also bringing back the Mystery Gear Pack for this period. The pack contains five cards from Features and Communities that were previously available, including the Christmas weapon skins. The Mystery Gear Pack costs 2,000 credits or $5 and is only available until the early morning hours on February 13.

Here’s what you have a chance to find inside:

  • UIR Elite and UIR characters / weapon skins
  • Onyx Gold characters and weapon skins
  • Gary Carmine and 10th Anniversary weapons
  • Gearsmas weapon skins

Will you be playing this Valentine’s themed event? The Torque Bow mode sounds cool, and I love the Torque Bow. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin.

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