Gears Of War 4 is getting some new weapons.One of them being the Dropshot. The Dropshot shoots ariel mines that drill into the ground before exploding.
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Gears Of War 4 is going to bring some new weapons to the table. One being the Dropshot, this weapon fires an aerial mine that floats over the battlefield in a straight line as long as you’re holding the trigger. Once you let go the mine spins into the ground before exploding and turning everything around it into chunks. If you manage to nail a headshot on an enemy the weapon drills directly into their head before ultimately exploding their body.

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Microsoft has revealed a new gameplay video that shows off the Dropshot’s new unique execution. In this video you see Kait, one of the campaign characters, crush an enemies head with the weapon and then proceed to launch it’s body across the map. Afterward she yells out “Next.”

This video shows that you may be able to throw corpses at other enemies as well.

This is the first time we get an actual look at one of Gears Of War 4’s environments. It has a very industrial feel, with the grey skies looming overhead. It’s not stated whether this is a campaign mission or multiplayer.

Kait is just one of the three main characters in Gears Of War 4. The others being Delmont Walker “Del” and JD Fenix, the son of Marcus Fenix.

Gears Of War 4’s beta will begin on April 18 for players that have played Gears Of War: Ultimate edition by April 11th and for Xbox Live Gold members the beta will begin on April 25th and run through May 1st. The early access beta will end on April 24th.

Gears Of War 4 is set to release on October 11, 2016 for Xbox One. A PC version might also be released, but there has been no confirmation at this time.

A new intense trailer for Gears Of War 4 was shown off last night during the Fear Of the Walking Dead season two premiere. Check it out here.

Are you guys excited for this next installment of the Gears Of War franchise? With this intense trailer and new crazy weapons its hard not to be excited for this epic game.

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