Games Bulletin Is Shutting Down

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It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. When I began this website many moons ago, I set out to create a group of gamers who enjoyed writing and discussing video games. We brought in people from all areas of life, from all areas of the world, who enjoyed video games. We attended preview events and conventions as press, bringing you news of not just bigger games but also smaller indie games you may have missed. We interviewed developers, reviewed games and even wrote discussions pieces on our opinions of this form of entertainment we love so dearly.

However as the years passed it became harder and harder to maintain. I gradually burnt myself out and even took a break from doing the website. Writers left to pursue other things, and my full-time job began to take up more hours of my life. Doing Games Bulletin became more of a chore, than a hobby. I recently tried to run this as a hobby, but it never quite felt right. Given that the idea of Games Bulletin is that it was an outlet, I felt it needed to perform like an outlet. I put pressure on myself to create content equal to that of outlets with many members of staff and freelancers. This pressure led to even more burnout, which coupled with my mental health issues, fostered a disinterest in doing Games Bulletin.

And so it has come to this. While this may seem strange to many of you, this is something that I must do for myself. I know how I am; somewhat of a perfectionist. I cannot continue to push myself to do the job of an entire outlet, yet neither can I half-ass it. I want to enjoy my spare time. I want to actually play games (which I surprisingly didn’t have time for). I wanna see my friends and family, watch anime and the series I have on my backlog. I wanna resume my hobbies; play drums, learn photography, whatever else I decide to do.

I will continue to create content. Bulletin Broadcast, our podcast with myself Dan and Greg, will continue. I will also continue to do Play Along Podcast, the book-club style podcast with Jared and Ky (@playalongpod on Twitter). I will return at some point in the future with other content, more than likely Youtube videos and Twitch streams. Follow me on Twitter, @bulletin_ben, if you wanna stay up to date with what I’m doing. I’m not very active on there, although this may change.

For every one who ever visited our little website, thank you. Even if you only read one piece. For everyone who wrote for us, thank you. For any of you who supported us, followed us, who even knew about us; thank you. These past 7 odd years have been one hell of an experience for me. It is something that I surely will never forget. I forged a new understanding of my favourite hobby, as well as of myself as a person and what I am capable of. But more importantly I formed memories and friendships that will stay with me forever.

Thank you to everyone, for everything you did for us

The Games Bulletin Team

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