UK video game retailer GAME is set to begin selling games in WHSmith.
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It has been announced that the video game retail giant (at least here in the UK) GAME will begin selling video games in the equally giant bookstore (again at least here in the UK) WHSmiths. This will be done via some small concession stands in WHSmiths. This is due to the fact that GAME’s profits were down a shocking 81% this year.

For a long time GAME has been the biggest video game retailer. Profits are most likely down due to the increase in digital sales, combined with the rise of retail chains specialising in selling preowned games. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of dire times for the retailer.

On a separate note this marks the first time WHSmith has sold video games since 2010. It also means that gamers have more of a choice in where they can preorder their games. Plus, I know a few people who don’t have a GAME in their town but do have a WHSmith so that’s handy.

What do you think about this news? Will it make you easier to preorder games? Are you not British and so you’re just confused? Let us know in the comments.

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