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Titanfall 2
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It was recently revealed that Titanfall 2 would be getting a new game mode called Live Fire. Haven’t heard? Check out Matt’s piece on the news for more info. Now we have more news. It’s only small admittedly, but for fans of the old Titanfall it will be good news. I hope.

In a post on the Titanfall 2 website, it was teased (and revealed) what is coming in terms of content for the game. The post features a chat with Dean Griffin, the designer behind the Live Fire mode, and reveals some small teases for future content.

“The next drop after Live Fire will be a doozy. We’ll have new Prime Titans and cosmetics you can purchase at the store, a large patch that will bring a host of bug fixes, balance tweaks, and new features online. Not to mention a new weapon, Pilot execution, and more.”

The end of the post sees Griffin reveal that the game will now have a second “Titanfall classic map”; Colony. You can see an image of the map as the featured image for this article above the title. The last image on the post shows a summary of the free content planned between now and March.

Titanfall 2

What do you think of this? Do you enjoy seeing old Titanfall maps returning? Or would you rather have new maps you have never played on before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

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