Final Fantasy XV Survey Released To Help Fans “Shape The Future” Of The Game

Final Fantasy XV
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It is already well publicized that Final Fantasy XV has a range of DLC coming in the future but Square Enix have now launched a survey to help fans “shape the future” of the game.

Final Fantasy XV

The survey has been linked to on the games official Twitter page and asks 24 questions about players experience of Final Fantasy XV. The first few questions are pretty straightforward but the end of the survey is more interesting. It asks players how they feel about season passes and DLC and to explain their feelings in a few sentences. As we know, a season pass is available for FFXV and DLC is coming so this may hint that changes are afoot.

This is an interesting approach on Square Enix’s part and gamer’s getting a voice for their favourite titles is an exciting concept. Only time will tell however whether the requests and advice are taken in to account, but if they are, hopefully other publishers and developers will follow suit.

Have you taken the survey? What would you like to see come to Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in the comments section below!

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