Fear the Walking Dead (Discussion/Overview)

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With the Fear the Walking Dead mid-season finale slowly approaching like a freshly turned walker I see no better time to write a small snippet and discussion on the show.

Even if you don’t exactly know what Fear the Walking Dead is or it’s big brother, The Walking Dead you’ve probably heard one of the titles at least once before be it at work, school, or home someone you know is bound to be “infected” with Walking Dead fever. The Walking Dead first debuted on October 31, 2010 and just recently finished its sixth season. The Walking Dead was home-run for AMC, bringing the horror, drama, and zombie genres to places they’d never been before. Now Fear the Walking Dead is a relatively new spin-off to The Walking Dead, and it is not necessary for you to have watched The Walking Dead to understand Fear the Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead first debuted on August 23, 2015 and is now in its second season.

In The Walking Dead the main character, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is tossed right into the post apocalyptic world of slow moving, blood thirsty zombies after awakening from a coma.  Now Fear the Walking Dead has a much more mellow beginning showing us the character’s everyday lives, their jobs, friends, and families. As the show progresses certain people start getting sick and being based in one of the largest cities in America, Los Angeles a zombie apocalypse is something more than a nightmare.

Like with any spin-off, many fans will argue that Fear the Walking Dead will never crack up to be The Walking Dead. Well I can somewhat agree with this argument and here’s why:

  1. Fear the Walking Dead was designed to be a completely different show from The Walking Dead and that is exactly what it is. While The Walking Dead has just surpassed its sixth season, Fear the Walking Dead is just getting halfway through its second so the same action and violence from The Walking Dead should not be expected from Fear the Walking Dead because the characters are still in early development and are only just beginning to delve into the kill or be killed world they now live in.
  2. Fear the Walking Dead is a show with a whole different cast from The Walking Dead and there will be some similarities in characters and their relationships but it will not consist of the exact same personalities or plot of the original
  3. Keep in mind that Fear the Walking Dead begins in Los Angeles and is also widely filmed on the water while The Walking Dead is based in Atlanta, Georgia so there will be many differences landscape, how scenarios play out, and even the formation of walkers.

Something Interesting: In neither The Walking Dead nor Fear the Walking Dead is the term “Zombie” used, the characters in each show have no prior knowledge of zombies or zombie mythology. When the describing the living dead they use terms such as “walker”, “biter” and “roamer”.


  1. Are you a fan of The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead, if so which do you prefer?
  2. Who’s your favorite character on Fear the Walking Dead?
  3. What’s been your favorite episode or moment on Fear the Walking Dead so far?
  4. Do you believe that Fear the Walking Dead is an underrated show, if so why?
  5. What do you want from this Sunday’s mid-season finale?

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