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Personally, I think Fear The Walking Dead’s first season started stronger than The Walking Dead’s first season. As we were 5 seasons into the original Walking Dead, we knew what was going to happen before any of the characters in Fear.

Season 1 left us feeling sad, yet hopeful with Liza’s bite, then getting shot by Travis and had us looking yonder at Victor Strands yacht. Season 2 opens right away with them finally getting onto the yacht and dealing with Liza’s death.

Strand becomes even more mysterious with Madison and Daniel talking about watching him. Alicia hears a voice over the radio, and begins communicating with him, to Strands despair. Chris is his normal depressing self (his mother was shot by his dad, I’ll give him that). With Nick and Ofelia in the background for much of this episode.

As a series opener, I thought it started strong while asking many questions like, where are they heading? Is Strand hiding anything? Who is Jack and should they rescue him? and Who is in the other boat?

What do you guys think of this season of fear the walking dead so far?

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