Far Cry Primal Review (PS4)

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FarCry: Primal – 8.5/10

FarCry: Primal was released this past Tuesday, February 23rd, and so far I am loving it. I have been a FarCry fan for years and this game was everything I hoped it would be.

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This game is not your run of the mill FarCry obviously, but it still “feels” like a FarCry game. First of all, for those of you that may not know, this game is based in 10,000 BC. You’re a caveman, but not a total Neanderthal. The enemy in this game is the Udam, who are cannibals. You play as Takkar, who is recruiting, recovering, and expanding the Wenja tribe. Takkar is also a beast master who can tame wild animals and use them for protection, companionship, as well as a few other perks. You also have access to “hunter vision” which allows you to better see things in the environment, such as animals, plants, and mission related items.

This game is beautiful. The music and everything around makes me feel primal, like I should go out and hunt with a spear; extremely immersive in my opinion. Nighttime is terrifying, packs of wolves and glowing eyes follow Takkar everywhere you go. Perks to going out at night? Exclusive plants and animals, as well as a gorgeous night sky. The only downside that I’ve noticed so far is that the day and night sequences are extremely fast.

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Missions in this game are pretty straight forward, so far for me anyways. I have killed multiple people, gone on several spiritual trips, and escaped a few caves. I don’t expect missions to be too technical, due to this era having lack of technology and what not.

The skill/perk tree are pretty big as usual with the same standard takedowns and several new skills as well. I actually still have quite a few that are locked and can’t see them. Gameplay is pretty much the same from the other games as well with no big changes, besides the hunter vision.

I commend Ubisoft for stepping out of the box for this game, sure it may be a “re-skin” of the other games, but pretty much every series re-skin themselves. Most FarCry fans will love this game, and most non-fans will not. As for me, Farcry: Primal had me at Sabre Tooth that’s tamable and can be rode. I will continue to put many hours into this game.

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FarCry: Primal gets a nice 8.5/10 from me.

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