The new game is set in a world 17 years after a nuclear devestation. Think Mad Max does Far Cry ..
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Ubisoft recently revealed the next instalment in the Far Cry franchise. The easiest way to explain it is if Mad Max met Fallout. Set 17 years after a nuclear disaster in Hope County, Montana the nuclear winter transformed into a “superbloom”. This superboom created a vibrant landscape which is slowly being repopulated. Survivors are struggling, something made harder by the Highwaymen. 

Far Cry: New Dawn

The Highwaymen are a lawless group scavenging whatever they can from what is left, not caring who owns it. In the trailer we see them enter a base, and essentially claim they now own it. The group is led by a set of twins; Mickey and Lou. Mickey is a calculated person, while Lou is impulsive and unpredictable. As is the Far Cry way, it’s your job to stop them. 

This is made possible thanks to the arsenal of weapons the player will reportedly have at their fingertips. The pre-order images show a rocket launcher and a shotgun, while the trailer shows a gun capable of firing circular saws (similar to that in the Dead Rising series). 

Far Cry: New Dawn

It is possible to play Far Cry: New Dawn solo or co-op with a friend. There is also a lot of emphasis on the importance of the player’s Homebase. This can be used to craft new weapons or vehicles, as well as gear to help your survival. It will also be possible to journey outside of Hope County, with the three areas teased being swampland, a desert canyon and the coast. 

Far Cry: New Dawn will be available 15th February for PC, Xbox One and PS4. You get a Union Trike if you pre-order, and of course there are Standard or Deluxe Editions are available. I expect in the next few weeks we’ll an edition revealed that includes a statue (my guess is it being the twins). So far it looks like more of the same with the new Far Cry, however that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

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