Fallout New Vegas To Get Massive Overhaul In New Mod

Fallout New Vegas
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Fallout New Vegas is set to get a massive mod that will completely change the game. Named Fallout The Frontier, the mod will bring many big changes to the game including; a new plot (with new quests), dynamic weather, driveable vehicles and even space flight.

The plot follows NCR General Blackthorne. Blackthorne is displeased with the President’s tactics in fighting the Legion and so pleads with him to employ harsher tactics. President Kimball refuses, and so Blackthorne makes his proposals public. He gains support, so much so that he calls for the President’s resignation. Feeling pressured, Kimball decides to exile the general to silence him. Blackthorne and his supporters were sent North, to a place known as The Frontier, and tasked with holding back Legion attacks. The Frontier is home to harsh weather, but Blackthorne won’t be deterred. He begins the long mission of rebuilding his army and taking The Frontier back from the Legion. Then after that, he can begin the long journey back to the Mojave to claim he believes is rightfully his.

Main quests in the mod will see you attempting to survive the harsh weather, surviving the Legion presence in the area and surviving the locals known as Scavs. Side quests are still around, and some even place emphasis on moral choices. Trapping and hunting will play a huge part of your survival, as well as puzzle solving.

To me personally The Frontier looks awesome. As if you ever needed a reason to revisit Fallout New Vegas, but now you have one! The Frontier requires Fallout New Vegas on PC, as well as all four DLC pieces. That sounds like a lot, but you can grab the Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition on Steam for £15. Make sure to check out the mod’s website, where you can read more about the plot, gameplay and view a gallery of screenshots. They even accept donations towards helping create this mod. Also be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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