The launch of mods on Xbox One for Fallout 4 have been a big hit, Bethesda have Tweeted. Console hits have surpassed where PC numbers were at the same point.
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The launch of the Xbox One Fallout 4 mods have been a big hit, Bethesda have revealed. The mods kit was released on PC earlier this year and Bethesda have reported on Twitter that the console numbers are ahead of where the PC numbers were at the same point.

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The Tweet from Bethesda’s official Twitter stated that “Xbox traffic was 50x the initial Fallout 4 PC mod launch,” although there is now word on what is meant by ‘traffic’ in this context. The developers seem to be very excited by the prospect of mods and later tweeted, “We tried for 15 years and mods are finally on a console” as well as mentioning that new features and PS4 support are in the works.

More Information about the Xbox One mods was released last week via a livestream and the event was covered in an earlier post by Gamesbulletin which you can find here. A list of all available mods is available through Bethesda’s website.

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