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Overall Score: 9/10

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Fallout 4 is the type of video game where, “One does not simply play for an hour”. Instead, you would usually play for about 3 hours or at least attempt to. This game includes hours upon hours of intense and suspenseful game play. Not to mention that no previous Fallout knowledge is needed since this game is different from Fallout titles. Topping it all off,  the graphics add a realistic effect to the post-apocalyptic setting of the game. This review will score Fallout 4 with 2 types of categories; game play and the story line not including any major spoilers within the game.

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Gameplay- 4/5

To kick this review into gear, lets warm up with the overall game play. The game play itself includes: environment, NPC interactions, weapons, and the “crafting system.” The Fallout 4 environment puts the player in a very exciting  and dangerous circumstances. During the day and night, the player is exposed to radiation poisoning, fatal creatures that lurk in the dark (this would include the “ghouls”, which are humans that were exposed to too much radiation), and the notorious raiders. If you play the game enough you encounter “factions (gangs)” that you could ally/join. Most factions are friendly and won’t try to kill you but if you do something to make them angry, you can say goodbye to your character you made for a good hour. As you march forward you will encounter many NPCs who you can bring on your travels with you as a companion. These companions bring many perks with them, such as the ability to carry extra items you may not have the space for.

Wrapping up the gameplay side of this review you have your weapons and crafting system. Weapons and ammunition are not easy to come by so you better find a way to get some guns and ammo because once you dive into the game more, you realize how important getting powerful guns and ammunition is. In my opinion, I found myself upset with the way the guns were introduced. I would have introduced them by having a 24 hour gun-shop, having it be sold for cheaper and not so expensive. The way the game introduces it is where the raiders have dinky guns and the best guns are way over priced and can only be bought in the day time (Diamond City Market is where all the goods are at by the way).  On a different note, I like the crafting system that the game introduces. It is very reminiscent to the way you craft in Minecraft. Here, you need different tools and resources to enhance your guns, armor, and even your drugs. Which just adds an abundant of things to do on your Fallout 4 to-do list. But the downside to the gameplay would have to be the very overpowered mutants you could find around the Commonwealth and the difficulty of getting a collection of ammo and decent weapons.

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Story line/Plot- 5/5

To close up this Fallout 4 review, we need to have a chat about this amazing story line/plot. The plot of this game is to save your son after he is stolen while “sleeping,” in Vault 111 during a nuclear war. In the process your spouse is murdered trying to keep the boy from being stolen. 200 years after that you awake from your “sleep,” and adventure out in the world. Encountering people to do jobs for them, join gangs, and all the while tracking down the man who took your son. I may say that the main missions aren’t a lot in terms of how many missions are there. But the way you treat your friends/allies, the order in which you complete the game it all changes the outcome of the end. You could play the game in the ABCD order and get an E ending but your friend plays the game in BACD order and get a F ending. It all depends on the way you play and the choices you make. Similar to the way Telltale Games makes theirs.

While I was playing 10 hours of the game I have not encountered any issues with the story or plot. To me, it all seems original and exciting.

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All in all, Fallout 4 is a solid game and is definitely worth it. As previously mentioned, you wouldn’t have to have played the older Fallout games to understand what is happening. Due to the fact that all Fallout games are different (which isn’t a bad thing). The amazing game play and epic story makes the game an endless bundle of joy that one can not simply play for one hour.