Mediatonic, the developer behind the popular title Fall Guys, have organised a competition for games to win collab skins if they pledge money to charity.
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There’s no doubt that Fall Guys has taken over the internet. Yet, in case you’ve been living under a rock let me introduce you to the game. Fall Guys is a battle royale game with a slight twist. Rather than shooting their enemies, players must outlive their opponents through a series of min-games. It’s currently free on PlayStation Plus if you think this game is up your street, but I must admit it is fun and I feel everyone should try it.

For a long time now I personally had been worried about the next stage of Fall Guys hype. There had been rumours that companies like KFC were attempting to get themed skins in to the game. Recently we heard that Fall Guys would be receiving crossover skins for Team Fortress 2 and Hotline Miami.

Immediately I panicked. I feared that the floodgates had opened, and the end was nigh. However much to my surprise, Mediatonic (developer of Fall Guys) have used this hype for good.

The Fall Guys Twitter account announced that it will be hosting a competition. The person who pledges the highest amount of money to Special Effect will receive their collab skin. Special Effect are a charity that help those living with disability who wish to begin/continue gaming. Brands have two weeks to pledge the amount, with offensive brands being booted from the competition.

How do you feel about this competition? Are you happy to see this kind of positivity, or do you still not want skins like these in games? Let us know in the comments below, or let us know on social media; Facebook or Twitter

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