Brutal Legend 2 “Teaser” Image Actually Fanart

brutal legend
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A Brutal Legend image is going around the internet this week, featuring the caption, “Ormagoden Lives”. It has been thought to be a teaser for the sequel Brutal Legend 2. However, it isn’t.

The original Brutal Legend (published by Electronic Arts in 2009) cost around $25 million to create and develop. It is Double Fine’s most popular game.

Developer Double Fine clarified on Twitter, “Today in killjoy news: This was a fan posting, and nothing to do with us. Sorry if you got excited!”

“Hey, there is no Brutal Legend 2. I was just sharing some artwork and fondly remembering Brutal Legend! Sorry for the confusion!”

Double Fine continues to say what it’s been saying for a long time about the possibility of a Brutal Legend sequel.

“Not saying it’s never happening, but we have no plans right now, and will be working on Psychonauts 2 for AGES!”

This goes to show that everything you see on the internet isn’t always true. While many fans would have loved news of a sequel, it doesn’t seem as if one is completely out of the picture.

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