Fable Legends Could Still Move Forward

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Last month saw Microsoft announcing the closure of Lionhead Studios and with it the cancellation of the free to play RPG Fable Legends. But now a report suggests the game might not be over.

MCV report that 3 sources from Lionhead have told MCV that there are on-going discussions to save Fable Legends. Apparently staff are being surveyed as part of a consultation process conducted by Microsoft. Staff are being asked if they would like to accept the redundancy package and leave the studio at the end of April, or if the staff would like to continue work on Fable Legends.

Fable Legends

MCV report that the majority of freelance workers who were working on the game have already left Lionhead, but there are many workers still at the studio on contract. One MCV source states that this news stems from certain Lionhead employees suggesting to resume work on Fable Legends as an independent studio. The other two MCV sources were unable to confirm this.

Would you like to see the completion of Fable Legends? Or do you think the game should be left as it is? Let us know in the comments below.

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