Everything Shown At Bethesda’s E3 Presentation

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Bethesda took people in the UK on an early morning trip around their own theme park in Bethesdaland. So let’s have a look at the rides they took us on.

Ok, so where did you think I would start with the conference than the two awesome VR announcements. The first one being the Fallout 4 is going to be fully playable in VR, and most importantly it will be released this fall.

Secondly, Doom which was one of 2016’s big success stories, with a triumphant return is also coming to VR.

Now going back to Fallout and to start talking about Skyrim, they have announced the ‘Creation Club’ for both these games. The Creation Club will all in-house Bethesda employees and external developers create mods for both these games on PS4, Xbox and PC. One thing they show is that these are brought with credits, which would suggest another crack at the previously failed paid mods. However, they have not yet announced how you gain these credits, but I expect they will be money orientated.

Let’s stick with Skyrim, and they eventually showed more of the Nintendo Switch Skyrim. This showed the way the game can be played when the Joy-cons are attached or detached, but one thing I think would have pleased Switch owners was the Amiibo support – with them showing you can get Link’s armour in Skyrim.

Now, lets take a look at the last three announcements that were new additions to game series already available.

I was quite shocked with the first one, a new entry into the Dishonored series. I initially though this would be a DLC announcement, but this is a standalone adventure. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider sees you take control a mechanically augmented Billie Lurk alongside her old mentor Doud.

The next also came of a bit of a surprise to me, this was leaked before E3, but it was another series I didn’t think would return (although I think the originally was criminally under-rated). The game I am talking about is The Evil Within 2.

Finally a return of a great franchise and one I am not surprised to be back in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. BJ Blazkowicz is back after managing to survive the ending of New Order, and they showed off a good bit of gameplay in their trailer.

There was also a few other smaller announcements with The Elder Scrolls: Legends getting Skyrim content, a trailer for some new stuff coming to Elder Scrolls Online, and Quake: Champions will get its own World Championship at this years Quake-con.

But, they saved the best announcement to last, finishing the show off letting everyone know… this will all be available by the end of the year.

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