Everything We Learned From The Pokemon Go Comic-Con Panel

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Yesterday saw the Pokemon Go panel at Comic-Con which did reveal a lot for Pokemon Go fans. Before we begin I want to say outright this article was sourced from Digital Spy’s article, where they listed every announcement from the panel. So full credit to them, and a massive thank you. So, let’s begin.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, confirmed that Pokemon Go is a MMO (massively multiplayer online [game]) and was built upon Niantic’s earlier game Ingress. As every company does, Niantic had hoped that their latest game would be a hit. But Niantic admit they underestimated how popular Pokemon Go would be; hence the constant server issues.

It was also confirmed that Pokemon are indeed determined by location. The spawning points of Pokemon in the game and determined, not just by country, but also by habitat in an attempt to replicate where they would be found if they actually existed in our world. Hanke also stated that player trading is being worked on, but joked that the servers need to be fixed before this can be introduced.

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Pokemon Centres and customisable PokeStops will be introduced in the game with future updates. New generations of Pokemon will eventually be introduced into Pokemon Go. Niantic want this game to be around for a long time, however no timeframe was given for the introduction of new generations.

The Eevee name hack was officially confirmed. For those unaware this hack isn’t technically a hack, but more of an easter egg. A nod to the old classic episodes of Pokemon. There is a method to influencing which Eeveelution you get. If you do not change the name of your Eevee, your Eeveelution will be determined randomly. However, if you name your Eevee after the trainer of the Eeveelution that you want it will evolve into the relevant Eeeveelution. As per the episode of Pokemon titled “The Battling Eevee Brothers”,, those names are; Rainer for a Vapoureon, Sparky for a Jolteon and Pyro for a Flareon.

Breeding is not a feature that is actively being looked into as of writing this article. It was also revealed that the moves your Pokemon has pre-evolution¬†will determine the moves it has once it evolves. The rumour concerning one of the three legendary birds appearing at Comic-Con was actually false, but Hanke did reveal that the three birds are aligned to the game’s three teams and this will be expanded upon shortly. However, having the game available to all countries takes priority over the legendary birds.

A fan of the game complained about the game’s gyms, claiming they are easily poached. Hanke acknowledged this and said it is something Niantic are looking into. Niantic are also in the process of fixing the “3 step glitch”. This glitch makes catching Pokemon very hard, as it shows every nearby Pokemon being maximum distance around.¬†Finally, the leaders of the three teams were finally revealed. Blanche is the Team Mystic leader, Spark is the Team Instinct leader and Candela is the leader of Team Valor. Trainers will be hearing from them shortly.

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I personally am really looking forward to seeing what Niantic can do with Pokemon Go. I have yet to become addicted to Pokemon Go, but I feel like going and buying myself a portable charger and just getting stuck into the game. What do you think of this news? And how are you enjoying Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

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