Epic Games seem desperate to remind the public that they must #FreeFortnite, and have resorted to sending out packages to influencers
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Because of the year 2020 has been, you may well have forgotten about this so let us quickly recap. In late August of 2020, Apple announced it was removing Epic Game’s Fortnite from the App Store. This was in response to Epic Games releasing an update that let players pay for in-game currency directly, as opposed to via Apple’s store. This is an issue as is it a breach of Apple’s policy for being on the app store. Paying directly through Apple allowed them to take a cut of any microtransactions, as explained in their policy for being on the App Store. Apple thus removed Fortnite from their store (Google did the same for the same reason), prompting Epic Games to sue Apple and Google.

Yet for some reason, all of the marketing for the FreeFortnite campaign seems to poke fun at Apple. Epic has resorted to mocking some of Apple’s previous advertising campaigns. Previously we saw a spoof of Apple’s famous 1984 commercial, which introduced the Macintosh to the public. Now Epic Games have ramped up the advertising of FreeFortnite, by sending out care packages to influencers. The packages contain; a FreeFortnite themed jacket, a Samsung Tab S7, and a note reminding people to FreeFortnite.

It seems that Epic Games are desperate to keep the FreeFortnite campaign going. Yet the battle between the two companies has been divisive. Some claim that Apple and Google were out of line for removing the game. Others feel that Epic Games knew what they were doing in breaching the policy. Something that does hold some weight. Within hours of Fortnite’s removal a lawsuit had been filed and the video spoofing Apple was released. Where do you fall on this argument? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

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