EGX Rezzed is over for another year and was full of developers and publishers from all areas of gaming, showing off many shiny new titles. Unfortunately, 3 days was not long enough to play every game, but we tried our best and have given an overview of the ones we did play.
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EGX Rezzed is over for another year and was full of developers and publishers from all areas of gaming, showing off many shiny new titles. Unfortunately, 3 days was not long enough to play every game, but we tried our best and have given an overview of the ones we did play below.

Remember, most of these games were in very early stages so may change a lot before release!

The Mimic

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The Mimic is a puzzle game in which you take control of a human in a space suit that is linked to a creature called a mimic. The player can run and jump as you might expect but the mimic can only move left and right with the player. The objective is to reach the safe zone with your human (or humans in co-op) but your mimic must also stay alive and you cannot touch your mimic or you will perish.

My time with the Mimic was spent playing 2 player co-op which was a lot of fun. We had to communicate constantly to make sure we didn’t accidentally run our mimics into each-other and the puzzles were both challenging and inventive. The graphics were polished and the game ran smoothly although the collision detection between players was a little spotty at times but this could change before release.

Play if you liked – Abe’s Odyssey.

First Impressions – Definitely worth a look if co-op and puzzles are your thing but the full game will need a good mix of puzzles to avoid becoming repetitive.


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Not much was given story wise from Aerea apart from it being evidently musical. The game is a 4-player top down co-op game in which players take control of 1 of 4 classes, each with musical weapons ranging from trumpets to harps and collect music notes to upgrade weapons. The levels are musically based with a nice level of detail. Switches were metronomes for example and we found ourselves facing a boss spider creature made from bagpipes.  The graphics were colourful and quirky, but not outstanding and we ran into a lot of buggy sections, although we were assured these would be fixed before release.

Play if you liked – Magica, Gauntlet.

First Impressions – Has potential to be a lot of fun with a group of friends but lacks polish at the moment.

Circuit Breakers

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Circuit Breakers is all about fun rather than story. A twin-stick shooter taking inspiration from classics like Smash TV, its level after level of static stages with waves of hundreds of robotic enemies  with a boss every ten levels or so. Circuit Breakers supports 6 player co-op and the difficulty ramps depending on the number of players. Each character has different weapons that kill robots in a manner of ways from rockets, to lasers to flamethrowers.

We completed the first 30 or so levels in a team of 4 and had a lot of fun. The graphics are what you would expect from the genre but the amount of enemies on-screen at once along with explosions and particles flying everywhere was impressive.

Play if you liked – Smash TV, Loaded.

First impressions – Great fun to play and the perfect game to gather round the TV for some local multiplayer.

Gang Beasts

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Gang Beasts is a 4 player brawler in which you take control of a play-doh like humanoid who you move with the stick and use the shoulder buttons to control each arm independently. Holding a punch button allows you to grab hold of another player or the scenery and the aim is to be the last one standing. Each stage is on a platform and some involve hazards such as a giant grinder with the aim being to dispose of your opponents in any way possible. There are no special moves, no health bars, just your doughy character and punch (or the occasional headbutt or kick).

In our time with this game (against 2 teenagers that DESTROYED us), we learned one thing; Gang Beasts is a HUGE amount of fun. The graphics do the job and the stages look nice but the gameplay is an absolute blast. We laughed, cursed and shouted at the TV while trying to destroy – which is what a game like this needs. This will be so much fun with a group of friends over.

Play if you liked – Mario Party style minigames, Smash Bros (sort of)

First Impressions – A blast to play with friends, but will need unlockables or challenges to keep players interested long-term. Also, you WILL lose friends.

Battalion 1944

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Battalion 1944 is a world war shooter…..and need I say any more than that. The game was steeped in secrecy at EGX Rezzed, with it’s own room behind a curtain and was the only game we had to spend any amount of time queuing to play. We were put in teams of 4 v 4 for a straight death-match of Americans Vs Germans with a choice of 3 weapons as this was a very early version of the game. The graphics and gameplay were disappointing to say the least. The environments and textures looked incredibly dated and nothing at all stood out in terms of visuals. The gameplay was standard; run, kill, die, repeat. There were no apparent classes or advantages for kill-streaks that any of us noticed. The game also suffered with random spawns which meant spawning right next to an enemy and dying instantly. Admittedly, this is pre-alpha so is a VERY early draft of the game but it had nothing in the way of originality.

Similar to – Early COD, Medal of Honor, every other WW2 shooter.

First Impressions – Nothing at all stood out. Needs to come a long way before beta/release.


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Pawarumi is an old-school shooter/bullet hell style game modelled on Dreamcast classics. It plays from a top down perspective and enemies of 3 different colours (red, blue and green) attack and your ship can fire bullets corresponding to these colours. The game works on a rock/paper/scissors basis in which alternate colours do double damage to the ships. You can also destroy ships by matching colours and instead of getting double damage, your shield regenerates adding a new level of depth to the gameplay. The graphics were shiny and smooth and the explosions that filled the screen were very pretty. The gameplay was accessible to both of us that played, one of us a veteran of this style of game, one not so much and it got much harder as it progressed.

Similar to – Ikaruga

First impressions – Pays homage to the original genre as well as adding new depth and was a lot of fun to play. May need ranging difficulty settings however as I can see it getting very difficult the further in you go.

Little Nightmares

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Little Nightmares is a 3D platformer with puzzle elements with a deeply dark, Tim Burton-esque style. One of my favourites from EGX Rezzed, you play as a teeny girl(?) in a yellow Mac with the hood pulled over her face and the object appeared to be to make your way through the real world whilst staying alive. The demo was short but involved finding a way out of a bedroom before sneaking through a kitchen while avoiding a very scary looking chef. The graphics were very pretty and well stylised with an excellent use of light and shadow. The antagonist for this level, the Chef, was genuinely very creepy so hopefully we will see more of this type of enemy in the full release.

Similar to – Limbo (in style), Survival horror titles.

First impressions – I thoroughly enjoyed the demo and was desperate to play more. The gameplay was fun and tense and I can see this one being a big hit. Hopefully the story is long enough to warrant a purchase.

Redeemer: Violence Awakened

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Redeemer is a 2.5D shooter/brawler focused on carnage above all else. You play as a man that is trying to be a monk but due to reasons I didn’t quite catch, has to kill swarms of people instead. The story is not really the point here as it is more about letting off steam and killing everything in sight. The focus is melee combat with fists and kicks but breakable melee weapons and the odd firearm are available as you progress. There are buckets of blood with the camera occasionally zooming in to highlight a particularly nasty kill or one that uses the environment.

Similar to – Loaded, Diablo.

Were you at EGX Rezzed last weekend? Did you play any stand-out titles that we missed? If not, do any of the above games spark an interest? Let us know in the comments section below!

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