Part 2 of my first impressions of the games I played at EGX!
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Time for the second half of my impressions! I waffle a lot so this got broken up into two parts. You can read part one here!

This year me and Dan (who also wrote his first impressions of the games we played) have both written our opinions about each game we played, even if we both played them. We (and I mean Dan) realised that everyone experiences a game differently so the only way to give you a fair impression is to include both of our opinions. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the games. Or tweet us @games_bulletin!

Kitchen Imps

The easiest way to explain Kitchen Imps is to think of Splatoon. Each player (2-4 players) controls a different colour imp; red, blue, green or yellow. Your mission is to traverse each level, spraying paint on different objects. The level we played was a kitchen, so objects included things like; a toaster, a cereal box, plates, etc. Be the first player to cover the majority of an object with paint and you claim that object. At the end of the level the player with the most amount of objects claimed wins. There are also smaller awards for players. A fun game, but one I feel needs fleshing out. Maybe longer levels. Maybe a tournament mode. One we’ll have to watch to see it’s development. The video below is a video of early development, the game is much more fleshed out visually now. 

Saturday Super Villain

A quirky card based game which sees the player playing as a supervillain hellbent on world domination. The game is loosely based on children’s shows from the 90s, and has a sense of humour to match it. The demo I played could have done a bit of a better job explaining the game’s Escalation system, but it was something I got a grip of fairly quickly. See our interview with the developer Joel for a bit more information.


Just a quick note. When talking about this game I am referring to the one being developed by Arcfire Games. Not the one that was released by MachineSpirit.

By far the worst experience I’ve had at an EGX. It was very brielfy explained to me that the game sees the player playing as a task force sent into a bunker to see what happened in there. There was no tutorial to the game, and no explaination of how to play the game. I sat there for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do before I asked the developer what I was doing wrong. Most devs, while chatting to other gamers, have enough of an eye on their station to know when the player is struggling. When I asked what I had to do, I was met with a very condescending tone, as if I should know how to play a game that featured no tutorial or poster displaying button mapping. I died in the demo, due to a game breaking bug the developer is aware of that means that one enemy is unkillable and thus wipes out your entire squad. Chatting to the dev after he explained that he was aware of the bug (but for some reason didn’t tell me), as well as being aware that the game had been in development for 6 weeks and was essentially unplayable (other than dungeon exploration). Very rude, very dismissive developer. One I will not be following any more.


A very interesting game. You play as a photographer, exploring certain areas on the hunt for elusive mythical creatures. The level I played in the demo was set in America, and I was on the hunt for Bigfoot. Gameplay involves you taking pictures of things in the environment (such as a destroyed tent) that act as evidence of the creature you are hunting. The more you take, the easier it is for the creature to find you. Once you are found by the creature, you are scored based on the photos you took. The better the evidence, the higher the score. The developer revealed he has plans for a 4vs1 mode, in which 1 player playing as a creature hunts 4 players who are snapping evidence. My only concern for the game is it’s replayability. How long can you play that for before it becomes repetitive? Have to wait and see.

Honey I Joined A Cult

A very fun tycoon-esque management game in which the player creates, builds and runs their own cult. Choose the outfit of your followers, as well as the idol they worship. You then build a base and recruit new followers from their. These followers create small missions, all of which build up to the cult’s main objective. Which is whatever you choose it to be. Very promising game. See our interview with developer Simon below for more details.


The most emotional game I have, and maybe ever will, play at an EGX event. Players play as a cute, lonely black blob of a creature who only wants love. He decides to venture into the world, to become stronger so he can get the comfort he desires. Instead he ends up accidentally engulfing everything he touches. Designed to depict the effect Alzeimher’s disease has on a human, it certainly knows how to pull on those heart-strings. Check out our interview with developer Tom as he explains the game in greater detail!

Life Is Strange 2

I was hopeful that Life Is Strange 2 would be a return to the original instalment in the series. While it is to some level, it has progressed in a noticeable way. The character designs are much nicer to look at, and the dialogue (while it still has some of that cringiness to it) has for the most part improved. The game has a good narrative behind it. The story follows two brothers after an incident alters their life. It looks to be a very promising game, and a return to the style of the original instalment which so many people fell in love with.

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