In this piece I give my first impressions about about some of the many games I played at EGX18!
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Another year and another EGX over. There were highs, there was shitty video game movies but most importantly there were games. LOTS of games. I apologise for the lateness in getting my impressions up. But better late than never they say right?

This year me and Dan (who also wrote his first impressions of the games we played) have both written our opinions about each game we played, even if we both played them. We (and I mean Dan) realised that everyone experiences a game differently so the only way to give you a fair impression is to include both of our opinions. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the games. Or tweet us @games_bulletin!

Jump Force

Fans of J-Stars Victory Plus will instantly love this game. It’s similar to J-Stars in the way that it plays, with some small changes. Holding R2 powers up the bar, rather than R1+X which is a small but nice change. The energy bar goes to 5 energy bars, compared to J-Stars’ 2. The game visually looks stunning, although I’m not sure why everyone looks like they’re covered in baby oil. The mode I played was a 3 character tag battle, however the team all shared one health. The bar didn’t restore when characters were swapped out, which makes the whole tag system somewhat redundant in my opinion.


A simple to play game that follows the story of a soldier and a nurse who desert their military duties. The nurse is injured and it’s your job, playing as the soldier, to get the nurse to safety. The game plays nicely, with some light weight based puzzles along the way. The developer, Daisy Fernandez, promises that the story will shed light on a dark secret between the two characters. This one is early in development, so there’s more to come yet. See my interview with the game’s developer Daisy for more info!

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice

I finally started watching My Hero Academia the night before I played this game. Highly recommend the anime, and the game for fans My Hero Academia. The game is extremely easy to play, and works on a system that tasks you with building up a special meter to unleash Plus Ultra attacks. These attacks are easily done by pressing R1+Triangle, R1+O or R1+R2 for the ultimate Plus Ultra attack. The meters are built by attacking the enemy with light attacks (done by pressing Square). The meters builds faster if you’re hit by the enemy. Easy to play, with an impressive roster. One to grab for fans of the show, but one non-anime watching friends will enjoy as well. 

Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits is a mix between a dating sim and a slice of life game. The game is set in the future, where arcades have returned and are people’s main way of spending their spare time. People flock to the arcades to spend all day attempting to beat the high score, or just hanging out with their friends. You play as someone who has just gotten a job at an arcade, and it follows your adventures while you work their. The game allows you to build relationships with each of the NPCs as you see fit. Has a decent sense of humour but from what I saw doesn’t bring anything new to the genre.


A rather surreal experience of a game. The premise of the game is that gamers can create their own worlds which are then shared online for others to play. The demo that I played consisted of 5 mini-games that were created by the developers in their spare time to show off the game’s potential. One of the levels consisted of playing as a cute red creature, who had it’s arms stretched out attempting to hug the other creatures on it’s small planet. Running towards the other creatures scared them away, and once the creatures were gone the level ended. Another level was simply a space dog-fight which, again, was over rather quickly. This game’s success is going to be very dependant on the community behind it. Very similar principle to Little Big Planet games, not sure if it will be more than a collection of short levels. Time will tell.

Super Mario Party

The demo we played for Super Mario Party was 5 mini-games that were played back to back. While I understand this was done to get as many people onto the demo as possible it would have been nice to actually see the board. The mini-games we played were all very fun and what I expected from a Mario Party game. Cooking a steak as quick as possible, racing tricycles. Games that are silly and are intended to get the group laughing. The games make good use of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. If you enjoyed previous Mario Party games then you’ll be happy with Super Mario Party.


I always thought that Labo was just another Nintendo gimmick. For those that don’t know, Labo involves creating different objects from cardboard and then using them to play games. It began in a very gimmicky fashion, with things such as a cardboard piano that can be used to play music. I hadn’t followed Labo since then, but it has evolved. There is now a robot kit that allows you to control an in-game robot that is rampaging a city. There is a vehicle kit with a car, plane and submarine. The 3 vehicles are easily interchangable, and I’m told they will have use in Switch games such as the steering wheel being used to control the kart in Mario Kart. Still a good game to play with the kids in the family, but I’m not sure if it’s for an adult audience.  

Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight

I didn’t know what to expect going in to Persona 3 (real name). It seemed like a typical Japanese style rhythm game, and I wasn’t wrong. The game controls by pressing buttons in time with on screen cues while Persona 3 characters dance to the song that is playing. Nothing different to any other rhythm game, mainly just one for fans of Persona 3.

Sonic Team Racing

Sonic Team Racing plays very much like Sonic Racing Transformed. There are however some minor differences. The game is a typical Mario Kart-esque racer; drive, drift, pick-up items, throw items. The differences come in how the items can be used. Items can be gifted to teammates for them to use and fill your team’s meter, and vice versa. This is done very easily on the fly, by simply hitting one button. Once the team’s meter is full you press a button and unleash your team’s ability. I played as (bat character), who’s ability was to get a nitro/mushroom boost for a fairly decent amount of time. Enough to catch up. Which is where my issue with the game comes into play. I finished 3rd. My teammates finished 7th and 8th. So as a team, we finished 5th. Your teammates can let you down by finishing in low places, meaning your sweaty driving as Shadow is all for nothing.

Orange Island

Orange Island is a exploration game in which players explore an island. The game is styled with that classic NES look, and even had a NES controller for the EGX demo. The game seemed fairly simple, and the demo itself didn’t contain any plot. The developer said he is adding the plot in soon, and already has it planned out. One for those of you who miss old school NES games.


Catastronauts is a 4 player co-op game in which players have to keep their spaceship alive and defeat the enemy. Each level has it’s own obstacles, including things such as solar flares. Teamwork is essential is repairing the ship, as well as firing the weapons to defeat the enemy ship thus beating the level. A really fun game and one for those who didn’t enjoy the culinary setting of the Overcooked games.

Lake Ridden

I played the demo of this game last EGX (2017) and was very impressed oh what I heard from the devs regarding their plans for the game. Skip forward one year and it seems the studio delivered that which they promised. Lake Ridden is a puzzle game with challenging puzzles and a deep narrative. The game’s puzzles are that challenging that a notebook was provided at each station for note taking. A game for those of you who enjoy complex puzzles.

Beat Your Meat

4 player coach co-op in which players play as a pig. The goal is to be the biggest pig when the timer hits zero. The easiest way to do this is by hitting enemy pigs, who drop meat. You, or your enemies, can then collect the meat and thus increase your pig in size. Couple this with the game’s various puns (such as the Meatspin power-up) and this is one that you and your friends are sure to enjoy.

Billie Bust Up

A 2 player co-op game in which a goat (Billie) and a fox (Oscar) must journey through the world. The game is designed so that each character has their uses, such as Oscar digging a hole for Billie to be able to travel under a gate and into the next area. The game is still early in development, but is one to watch out for nonetheless.


Dodgebrawl is a fast paced couch co-op for 2-4 players. The idea of the game is, well dodgeball. Throw the ball and hit your opponents, or catch the ball they throw at you. The catching is a very fine art and must be timed perfectly, something that will separate the vets from the new players. Get hit three times and you’re out! Some levels even include environmental obstacles that can cause you to lose a life. Very easy to pick up, and very very fun.

Stay tuned for the second half of my impressions tomorrow!

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