Part 1 of our EGX roundup!
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Another year, another AMAZING EGX. This year saw AAA powerhouses interspersed with a myriad of weird and wonderful indie games and more than a few surprises! As usual, we have included a trailer and a brief first impressions of the games we were lucky enough to play. We have also taken a slightly different approach in that we are each going to give an impression of the games we played, even if they were the same, in order to give you a broader overview of the title – as not everyone has the same taste! Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below or as always, drop us a Tweet!

Dreams – PS4

An interesting game that promises endlesses possibilities in which players can “make anything, from interactive adventures and platformers, to shoot ‘em ups, puzzlers and more.” The EGX demo had an adorable block looking for a hug, a platformer type game which you could turn into a ball of light and a text based adventure among others. The mini games were all VERY short, most only around 30 seconds but each was fun in its own way. A very difficult game to give a first impression of, I think it’ll be a case of either sink or swim on release.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise – PS4

An over-the-top action brawler with buckets of gore. The demo showcased some fun fighting and visceral finishers although the scenery was a little bland. Has the potential to be great fun although I hope there is a little more variety in locations on release.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – PS4, XB1

The long awaited Disney/Square Enix crossover is nearly here and is looking as epic as expected. The demo was set in the world of Toy Story and involved leaving Andy’s bedroom for a Toy Store which contained controllable mechs! The demo was fluid, beautiful and a great deal of fun. If the demo is anything to go by, KH3 will be phenomenal.

Life is Strange 2 – PS4, XB1, PC

Life is Strange 2 takes place in the same universe as the first game but centres around teenager Sean and his younger brother Daniel. The demo takes place at the very beginning of the game and shows the events that leads up to a mysterious accident that forces the brothers to go on the run. The look is similar but much more polished than the first game and even in a short demo, the story managed to tug at the heart strings. A must for fans of the series.

Persona 3: Dancing in Monnlight/ Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight – PS4, PS Vita.

Rhythm games based on both Persona 3 and Persona 5, featuring both original and remixed songs from both of the popular titles. The visuals are gorgeous and the gameplay is great fun and is accessible for both pros and amateurs of the rhythm game genre.

Soul Calibur 6 – PS4, XB1, PC

The fighting powerhouse returns and is better than ever. The demo was stunning with some amazing stage effects and the fighting was fast, frantic and fluid. The new addition of ‘Reversal Edge’ and some awesome slo-mo effects makes this feel like a return to the fighters best.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Ps4, XB1, Switch

Starlink may seem like a toys-to-life gimmick but the EGX demo showed that the game itself had depth. Whether flying through space, cruising the atmosphere or fighting on the ground, Starlink was both fun and intense. The toys are well made and being able to swap weapons on the fly with a few clicks was a great addition. 

Super Mario Party – Switch

The long running party game is back, and is bigger and more beautiful than ever. The full release boasts 80 minigames to battle your friends with, 4 of which were showcased at EGX. The standout mini game had to be the steak fry, racing to expertly cook a cube of meat using the Switch’s motion controls to flip and move the frying pan. Great fun for all the family.

Team Sonic Racing – PS4, XB1, Switch, PC

Sonic and friends are back in a team based kart racer on all platforms. The gameplay is fast and smoother than butter and the gameplay is a blast! the game adds a twist to the standard racing formula in that you win or lose based on your teams positions, rather than your individual place. An interesting tactic, although it wasn’t great for me being that I cam first, but got 3rd overall as my AI team was rubbish! The mechanics may well get a tweak before release….

Man of Medan – PS4

Part of a new anthology series focussing on different horror sub-genres, Man of Medan takes place on a dark and creepy cruise ship. Those who played the excellent ‘Until Dawn’ will feel right at home, as it takes the same approach with the left stick to move and the right to control a torch and look. The visuals are gorgeous and the setting is atmospheric, definitely one to watch for horror fans.

Next we have the games from the Rezzed (indie) section, where most of the weird and wacky come from! Many are yet to have a platform but almost all have a website for you to follow their progress.

Beat your Meat

Couch multiplayer brawler in which you play as a pig with a mallet and must bash cuts of meat out of other pigs. Pick up the meat and you grow in size, lose it and you shrink. Great fun and surprisingly competitive!

Billie Bust Up

An ambitious 3D platformer in which you play as Billie the goat and Oscar the Fox, either singularly or with a friend. Beautiful to look at with a huge amount of potential.


Think Overcooked in space! 4 players attempt to keep a ship running that is under attack while at the same time, firing on the enemy. Manic fun!


4 Player co-op in which you aim to pummel your opponent with dodgeballs! Fun and smooth with varied levels and the catch mechanic is hugely satisfying. 


 Take Doggo on a quest across the wilderness after being shunned by his family. A cute platformer with a lovely narrative and a distinctive style. 


City builder but on water. Beautiful to look at with intricate details and a charming style.

GRIP Combat Racing

Incredibly fast-paced racer where and surface is drivable providing you’re moving fast enough. Stunning visuals and high octane gameplay.


Beautiful point-and-click adventure that follows an adorable robot trying to fix their ship. Interesting puzzles and a quaint style make for an intriguing game.

Honey, I Joined A Cult

Pick a cult and build up a base in order to recruit as many people as possible to your religion. Cute visuals and some great humour.

Kitchen Imps

Multiplayer mayhem as each player takes control of a different colour imp with a paint gun – the aim being to make as much mess as possible while turning kitchen implements to your colour. Great fun with quirky visuals.


Beautiful and moving 2D platform/exploration game with a deep meaning. One of the most emotional experiences ever experienced at an EGX. 

My Time at Portia

Role Playing crafting sim in which you build up an old warehouse with scavenged materials while interacting with kooky locals. Charming visuals and potentially deep gameplay.

Saturday Super Villain

Card based battler in which you play an amphibious super Villain who rules the world….but not the seas! Great comic book visuals and deep gameplay.


Stick figure football whilst skydiving in which you can de-limb your opponents. As manic as it sounds. Great fun couch co-op.


Abitious multi-platform spaceship dogfighter. The gameplay is slick and the visuals are good. Promises to be playable on mobile, VR and PC in shared matches. An interesting concept.

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