Dying Light To Get Free DLC For The Next Year

Dying Light
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Dying Light is going to get 10 free DLC’s within the next year.

Even though Dying Light was released 3 years ago, it still has an active fan and user base. Around half a million people still play the game. Since they still have so many players, Techland decided to keep supporting the game with another year of DLC.

Techland will release DLC for dying light over the next year. These DLC’s will bring new enemies, events, locations, and much more! This content will be free for each of the game’s platforms. The first DLC is called Content Drop O and it will arrive in several weeks. Also, more community events are going to be happening as well. Techland will also release community platform where fans can influence what content is released for the game and they will also be tweaking the game based on fan feedback.

Dying Light is playable on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation4.

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Are you excited for new DLC? What do you want to be added into the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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