Doom Multiplayer Beta first impression

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I’ve played the new Doom (PS4), and in short reminds me of the old Doom and Quake 3 Arena (without the cool characters of Quake).  This is exactly what you would think a Doom remake would be.  However, this is only the multiplayer beta.

A few hours with the game, and I love it: Fast movement, over-the-top guns, balanced weapons, and brutal melee, and most of all, it is huge amounts of fun. Favourite weapon is the rocket launcher, with the Vortex Rifle in the second slot. The servers seem to be holding up well with no connection issues even with what I assume to be a high amount of players as every time I have been able to find a game very quick with no hassle.

This is an old game in the new generation, and I mean that in a very good way. The best thing from new generation shooters are fluidity and customisation, which Doom has, and the best of the old generation which is fast, fun, and pick ups (bullets, health, special abilities and weapons).

Finally, Doom has me sold so far, hopefully there will be a variety of maps and customisation to keep players and me interested for long.

Have you played it, and what do you think?

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