Study Shows Exactly How Gamers Feel About DLC

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The NPD Group have revealed a study titled “PC and Video Games – DLC and Microtransaction Purchasing” that has delved into gamer’s feelings on video game DLC and microtransactions. The study was conducted using just under 9,000 respondents, but only just under 2,500 of those qualified as recent buyers of DLC or microtransactions. The respondents were aged between 13 and 54 and what they said honestly surprised me.¬†Firstly the study showed that microtransactions were bought more often DLC, with 23% buying microtransactions but only 16% buying DLC.

It should be no surprise that price is the decisive factor in deciding to buy microtransactions or DLC. Almost half of those who didn’t purchase any microtransactions felt the content wasn’t worth the money. It was a similar situation for DLC, with half stating that the DLC was not worth the money, and 16% stating they feel the content should’ve been included in the full game price.

It was revealed that using earned in game currency was the preferred method of microtransactions, however 78% of consumers were willing to be spend real money on things such as weapons, power ups etc. This was of course dependent on how much the gamer enjoys the game in question.

Gamers are very unanimous when it comes to opinions on microtrasnactions. 77% stated that microtransactions allowed them to extend the enjoyment of the game they are playing. Also, 68% said that the state of pay-to-win aspects of games is unfortunate.

Top reasons for buying DLC were fairly unsurprising. The top reasons given were playing with friends, owning all of the game content and feeling the price was justified. Even with the justified pricing, over half of participants said that they would be inclined to buy more DLC if the prices were lower.

This will be interesting to say the least. What’s your opinion of DLC and microtransactions? Let us know in the comments below!

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