First Impression Of The Division Update 1.2

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After a lengthy hiatus from The Division for the past month or so, I decided I would play after the 1.2 update. We started with the new Search and Destroy missions which were relatively easy, go somewhere and kill this guy and so on. Those missions give you Intel points for high value target contracts that can give you some of the gear set loot. We completed all of the contracts and received 1-3 gear set items per contract, mainly from the LoneStar set. It is much easier now to get the set items since they tweaked the loot system, so getting to gear score 200 and over does not take as long as you may think. These missions add a lot to the game and are pretty fun and rewarding, it was nice not having to rely on the DZ for good loot for once and risk losing it. I’m enjoying The Division more than I have in a long while.

The Divison

My partner and I also tried the new incursion “Clear Sky”. This Incursion is pretty difficult for a two person team, and even a three person. We were not even gear score 200 yet, so maybe that has something to do with it. Regardless, this is much easier than the last wave-based mission.

We have yet to venture back into The Dark Zone since the update, kind of waiting until my gear score is higher. Lots more to deal with since they have added extraction hijackings and another player bracket. A segment will be added/updated soon when that time comes.

The Division FP

How is everyone else enjoying the update? What is your favorite gear set and new activity to do? I’m currently packing an LMG and SMG/Assault Rifle with the spare Marksman Rifle, all while sporting the Tactician’s Authority and LoneStar. The LoneStar is nice to have so you aren’t constantly reloading. Anyways, let us see your thoughts below.

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