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The Division
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The Division’s second DLC ‘Survival’ has landed on Xbox One and PC. However PS4 users will have to wait until 20th December.

New York has been hit by a snowstorm, and the agents have received word of anti-virals that have been left in the Dark Zone which could help stop the spread of the pandemic. On their way to the destination, the chopper is shot down.

“To survive and reach their objective, players face the most extreme conditions and have to manage cold, disease, hunger and thirst. Finding warm clothes, crafting supplies, scavenging for food, water, and medicine are key for agents to make their way to the antidote. But with 23 other players struggling to survive and to find the cure, resources are scarce. Competition between agents will lead many to fall on their way to the Dark Zone. Besides this hostile environment, another deadly threat is prowling in the Dark Zone and preying on The Division: the Hunter, a swift advanced enemy who displays proudly the watches of the agents he has killed.”

Players can choose to enable either PvP or PvE. In PvP (the Rogue mechanic doesn’t work here) agents can choose to fight against or cooperate with other players from every corner of New York. Even outside the Dark Zone. Due to the added risk of PvP, there are of course extra rewards. This is in the form of a multiplier that is added onto the player’s score. In PvE, players can cooperate with other players, but PvP is obviously disabled (even in the Dark Zone).¬†Free update 1.5 will include a new world tier for all activities, world tier five, as well as six new high-end named gear pieces, three high-end named weapons and 12 new weapon types.

Do you still play The Division? Or have you stopped? Is this likely to make you jump back on the game? Let us know in the comments, and you can check out the trailer below for a peek.

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