The Division Review

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I give The Division a 7.5/10

Ubisoft’s, The Division, was finally released recently on March 8th after delay. But did it live up to the expectations and hype? In my opinion, yes. The final game did change alittle bit from the Beta to the release, because Ubisoft actually listened to the criticism.

The character creation at the start of the game was “okay” in my opinion, everyone made it out to be like it was going to be very in depth. When you create your character there are several base looks to choose from, from there each look has their own features and options to choose from. I actually didn’t know this until it was too late. Oh well, honest mistake. The intro to the game was pretty amazing, it was detailed as to what led up to the events happening in the game. The detail of the game in general is awesome, Ubisoft really captured “pandemic” New York City. From NPCs walking past you and collapsing on the ground dying, to the dogs barking and growling at people, and the mice running round; very immersive.

The start of the game is pretty much missions to help build up your security, medical, and tech wings at the main base. Run and gun missions where you save people. Simple enough. Rescue and kill people (gets pretty repetitive). Every time you upgrade a part of one of the wings, players get a new ability, talent, and/or perk. All of which are pretty cool and nifty, as well as useful!

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I learned pretty quick that this final game was much more difficult than the Beta, can’t exactly run in like a tank anymore. Take advantage of the cover, use your abilities, and make sure you have some good people on your squad. There are also enemies everywhere now, and they are usually one or a mix of the several factions. Definently don’t go attack someone without scoping the area out, we learned that the hard way.

I have actually been pretty upset with this game overall. I have been randomly kicked from the server several times with very poor/slow load times to the point I have to entirely quit the game and restart. I also have had issues with codes in the game, redeem the code and not get squat. The most annoying thing about this game though in my opinion, I get stuck on EVERYTHING. I have been stuck in place many times now, random places too, usually somehow lodged or just stuck in place in general. Someone ran by me and pushed me over to the side and I got stuck between a trashcan and a truck. These problems were not an easy fix most of the time, usually just ended up exiting the game and restarting again.

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The DarkZone is very intimidating, just like it was in the Beta. I actually got stuck in The DarkZone when we were heading in the first time (yet again had to restart the game). After that mishap, there weren’t any problems besides getting murdered by enemies with godly armor who were several levels ahead of us. There was one extraction incident though, it can be hard to recognize who is another player and who is an enemy in the heat of the moment. Other players can get caught in the crossfire by accident, or the other way around. If that happens, someone will turn red and be labeled as a rogue. It’s also not good to have a turret out when that happens, since turrets automatically target enemies. So if you or another player were shot by accident, the turret will target the red player regardless of accident. Which can turn bad quick.

Overall, The Division is a good game, but I am giving it a 7.5/10. I have had too many issues with the game so far and have spent more time restarting and being stuck and irritated than playing the actual game. I’m hoping with patches and DLC all the issues will be fixed. I still plan on playing this game to the end.

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