The Division's recent patch has boosted the game's player base back up to the levels they were following the game's launch.
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Some of you may remember The Division. It was Ubisoft’s massive game that was set to be like no other video game out there. Initially the response was extremely positive, with the odd negative review claiming the game was repetitive and essentially boring. As time went on more players began to feel the repetitive nature of The Division taking over, and so the game lost the vast majority of it’s player base.

However the game recently received an update, patch 1.4, that added a new twist to the game which players have responded very positive to. The number of players has reportedly climbed back up to the numbers the game saw when it launched. Anne Blondel, VP of live operations at Ubisoft, has spoken to PCGamesN about the community’s response.

“Since the release of patch 1.4, we went back to the daily active users we had at launch, because people were [so impressed] … Some players left the game earlier than what we thought, then we had to make that tough call – do we keep providing them with extra content or do we stop everything for a while, settle down, fix everything and then once the game is where it should be, then we start providing more content. And this is what we did [and] the community was super happy about it, even though they were disappointed at first that we were to push back the next DLC releases.”

Has the update gotten you back into The Division? If not, why have you stopped playing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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