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The Division 1.2 update has finally been released and guess what? There are already some pretty familiar issues. Not only are in game characters missing, but players are also missing their characters again. This happened in the previous update as well back in April and players were compensated Phoenix credits from all the trouble. Ubisoft/Massive is reportedly fixing the issue and asking players affected to submit their usernames. No other big issues have been reported yet.

This update added a new incursion, gear sets, search and destroy missions, extraction hijacks, a few high-end named weapons, and a new bracket in The Dark Zone for gear score level 201 and up. Sealed caches and more useful items will be dropped in The DZ as well, of course most of the good loot will be in the highest bracket.

The Division FP

Has anyone experienced this bug in these updates? What are your thoughts on the new update?

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