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The Pokémon company have revealed that Ditto is now available in Pokémon Go for those lucky enough to find the elusive creature! The acknowledgement was made on the official Pokémon website following leaks and rumours circulating the internet over the last few days.

In a very clever move by Niantic, the amorphous blob will appear randomly but players will not know that the Pokémon they are fighting is a Ditto until they have caught it, which means no more ignoring all those Pidgey and Rattata!

Twitter user @SCrawford1987 has posted a video of a Ditto being caught in the form of a Magikarp.

Ditto has been around since the first Pokémon games as well as appearing in the anime under trainer Duplica so its exclusion from Pokémon Go was a bit of a mystery, that is now solved. When in battle, Ditto will behave like it does in the mainline Pokémon games, only having one move, transform, which allows it to change into the opponent it is facing.

New Pokémon combined with a thanksgiving event may help Niantic win back some of the large number of players it has lost in the last few months since release. Will you be going back out on Poke-walks or is your time with Pokémon Go over? Let us know in the comments section below.

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